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Thanks for your interest in teaching at a High Impact School.  If you'd like to learn more about joining us or have questions about your application, please contact us using this email form to the right. We appreciate your email, and will respond promptly to all inquiries.


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Application Process

1. Application Submission

To apply for a teaching position in Charlotte-Mecklenburg High Impact schools, you will go through the central CMS online application system, My App.

You will select the open positions you would like to apply for. When you select the general elementary, middle, or high school postings listed as Teacher—High Impact schools, your application will be added to our High Impact schools candidate pool. You can also choose to apply directly to a specific opening at one of the 20 High Impact schools.

Timeline: The online application will take you about 1-2 hours to complete.

2. Prescreen

Your application will be carefully reviewed based on minimum requirements for the role and basic fit. You’ll be notified if you are invited to interview with a school. Some applicants may also be invited to complete a brief phone interview. 

Timeline: Within two weeks of application submission             

3. Referral for Interview

If you have advanced through the prescreen process, you will be referred to principals. Schools will decide which candidates to invite to an in-person interview.    

Timeline: Within three business days of invitation to interview    

4. In-Person Interview

Your candidacy will be evaluated by the principal and/or an interviewing team of school-based leaders during an interview at a school site. Many candidates will be asked to teach a demo lesson during their interview.            

Timeline: Within one week of referral to interview 

5. Verbal Offer

If this position is a good fit, you will receive a verbal offer via phone, including clear next steps that you can expect from CMS HR staff.    

Timeline: Within three business days of in-person interview         

6. Written Offer

You’ll receive an offer letter to work at CMS. This offer is contingent upon successful completion of all new hire processing requirements (including licensure verification, reference checks, and a background check).    

Timeline: Within three business days of verbal offer          

7. New Hire Processing

You’ll receive information about HR processing requirements (including fingerprinting and HR paperwork) in order to be eligible to start work as a CMS employee.      

Timeline: Within three business days of accepted offer 

8. Ready to Start Work

You'll receive a start date and begin teaching in a High Impact school.

Timeline: Within three weeks of receiving new hire processing notification

Interviews for positions in High Impact Schools begin on March 18th. Submit your application today to be considered. Apply Today!