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Our Vision

High Impact schools: Twenty Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools serving high-needs students. Twenty opportunities for you to build a school our students deserve.

Charlotte is undertaking new efforts to ensure every single student thrives academically. These efforts converge in what we call High Impact schools. Each High Impact school is a unique and vibrant learning community that connects a range of initiatives—from the Beacon Initiative to Opportunity Culture to International Baccalaureate programs and more—with a single, shared goal: improving educational opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or neighborhood. That starts with excellent teachers and leaders. 

Our vision is ambitious and our approach is unique. We need strong teachers to achieve our goals. 


Teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s High Impact schools have successfully led classrooms and produced substantial results for students in high-poverty schools. We are driven by our shared belief that all children have the potential to succeed, and we are committed to preparing every Charlotte student for success in the 21st century.


Our teachers are eager to collaborate with colleagues, build supportive and dynamic school communities, and uphold high expectations for all. As educators, we are drawn to High Impact schools because of the opportunity to work with top-notch colleagues who share our vision and drive. We are motivated to take on leadership roles to shape our schools without leaving the classroom.


At High Impact schools, teachers have a tremendous opportunity to provide outstanding instruction to students who need it the most. Every day, our teachers are leading the way to transformative change for kids. If you’re ready to be a partner in that change, join us. 

About The Beacon Initiative

The Beacon Initiative is an innovative effort to transform the culture, instruction, leadership and student outcomes in Charlotte’s persistently struggling schools. Twelve of the 20 High Impact schools are a part of the Beacon Initiative. Teachers in Beacon schools have access to nationally-recognized professional development, leadership opportunities, autonomy to shape the direction of their school, and weekly visits and hands-on support from community superintendents, focused on school and leader needs. 

These schools focus extensively on implementing a sound instructional culture by using data to drive both student and teacher growth. In practice, this looks like frequent, collaborative coaching, training, and feedback. Learn more about the Beacon Initiative. 

About Opportunity Culture

Opportunity Culture is an initiative that extends the reach of excellent teachers to more students by redesigning teacher roles, integrating technology, or both. While Opportunity Culture looks different in every school, excellent teachers have the chance to advance through a trajectory of leadership roles, in which they take on increased responsibilities—such as leading teaching teams or larger classes—in exchange for increased compensation. Opportunity Culture leadership roles offer talented teachers the chance to grow their skills, expand their influence, and earn substantial stipends on top of their base salaries, all while remaining close to teaching and learning at the school building level.

Learn more about Opportunity Culture in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

About Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ (CMS) bold vision of preparing every child for college or a career requires having exceptional talent at every level of the organization. With more than 18,000 employees, CMS is one of the largest employers in the Mecklenburg County. At CMS, we believe in the full potential of all students. We work daily to provide them with the best education available anywhere and prepare every child to lead a rich and productive life. Each employee at CMS plays a vital role in our mission as we all work together to educate our students and support school system operations. Click here to view a video about CMS employees.

"Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools continues to outperform most other major school systems across the country thanks to the hard work and dedication of our teachers, principals and support staff," said Ann Clark, superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Read More