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Teacher Leadership Opportunities

One of the most unique and exciting features about teaching in a High Impact school is the opportunity for excellent teachers to expand their influence beyond the four walls of their classroom through leadership roles. At each High Impact school, teachers and school leaders are working together to cultivate strong environments for learning and to create school improvement plans that are tailored to meet their students’ particular needs.

By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can make an impact on the direction of your school, support your colleagues to improve their instruction, and advise school leaders on new initiatives that could help change the lives of students.

These are just a few of the leadership opportunities available in High Impact schools:

Dean of Students 

The Dean of Students role blends leadership with mentorship. In this role, you provide overall school support and focus on teacher evaluation, discipline and intervention, and mentoring teachers in Professional Learning Communities. This role is ideal for candidates aspiring to become an Assistant Principal or Principal.

Multi-Classroom Leader

Multi-Classroom Leaders are responsible for supporting a team of teachers in a Professional Learning Community with unit and lesson plan development, data analysis, goal setting, and monitoring towards progress. In this role, you provide hands-on support to the teachers you oversee through professional development, team teaching, modeling, and differentiation. Multi-Classroom Leader roles are only available in Opportunity Culture schools.

Professional Development Facilitator

Professional Development Facilitators are responsible for developing school-wide professional development activities. In this role, you work with the school's administrative team to identify areas of growth and implement strategies to address them.